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What is it, what does it look like at Bristol City Council and how can I become an apprentice?

Apprentices are highly employable because they have the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships is an opportunity to undertake a real job while learning and gaining experience in the role. An apprentice will receive professional training where they will gain qualifications which range from level 2 qualifications to degrees. Whilst undertaking the role, the apprentice will receive a wage. Training will be included during the working hours.

The duration of the apprenticeship will depend upon the programme. This ranges from 12 months, through to 6 years.

At Bristol City Council we offer a wide range of apprenticeship programmes which include business administration, Human Resources, IT, teaching assistants, finance and accountancy and project management.

As part of the apprenticeship offer, the apprentice will need to have GCES maths/English at grade C or 4, or this can be delivered as part of the apprenticeship programme. These functional skills are delivered alongside their training programme and embedded into their everyday work.

What does an apprenticeship look like at Bristol City Council

At Bristol City Council, we believe in rewarding our apprentices fairly for a hard days work and we pay the Living Wage Foundation Rate.  This is £9.50 per hour, if over 18 years and £7.60 per hour if under 18 years.

At Bristol City Council value having a workforce as diverse as the city we serve. We particularly welcome applications from young people 16-24 years, Black Asian and ethnic minority groups, those who identify as LGBTQ, disabled people and those with a learning disability and care leavers.

As an apprentice at Bristol City Council, we will provide:


for apprenticeship vacancies

for construction or trade as apprenticeship

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